Welcome to HUMANDIVE!

Our project aims to allow anyone to know and measure their own happiness, while also providing the explanations behind the result obtained: to date, the tools we have developed are able to measure both how happy people are, and the reasons why..

We are committed to create and disseminate psychometric tools that allow anyone to increase their level of happiness, and consequently raise their quality of life.

Our tools are purely scientific in nature, in particular the MH (Measure of Happiness) test, validated in August 2022 and published in the journal Behavioral Sciences.

Here is the link for a free consultation of the document: https://www.mdpi.com/2076-328X/12/8/295

Happiness is the highest human ambition.
For this reason, every human activity should lead to its increase, both at a general and individual level.

We are now focused on making our contribution to the scientific research, especially in the clinical field, but you can contact us for more information by writing to info@humandive.com !